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DER Academy
Workplace First Aid

DER International develops and delivers bespoke training packages for individuals and teams from country, and company, crisis management level through to emergency response individuals and teams who deal with all hazards both on and offshore in the industrial, commercial and public sectors.

Course Details

    Steps and techniques for handling life-threatening emergencies. You will learn how to prioritize emergency procedures using the AB-CABS memory word and monitor a patient's Cycle of Care. This important information and guidelines on critical care emergency is based on the same priorities used by medical professionals.

About Your Instructor

    Certified EFR Instructor

Course Overview

  • Prerequisites


  • Qualification

    EFR Workplace First Aid

  • Duration

    1 Days

  • Reference

    American Heart Association, the Australian Resuscitation Council, and the Resuscitation Council of Asia

  • Target Group

    Emergency Responders, Designated First Aiders, site nurses, medics, operations staff, office staff