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DER Academy
Hazardous Materials & Dangerous Goods
Haz Mat Technician L1 - Awareness

DER International develops and delivers bespoke training packages for individuals and teams from country, and company, crisis management level through to emergency response individuals and teams who deal with all hazards both on and offshore in the industrial, commercial and public sectors.

Course Details

    Students will learn to identify situations where dangerous goods are present when given various facility or transportation scenarios; the necessary actions to protect themselves and others as well as to control access to the scene when given examples of facility and transportation dangerous goods incidents, the local emergency response plan, the organization's standard operating proceduresand the Emergency Response Guidebook. Students will be able to identify dangerous goods by name, UN/NA identification number, or type placard applied. Given a scenario, students will be able to determine the fire, explosion and health hazard information for each material by using the current edition of the Emergency Response Guidebook. Students will also identify the appropriate initial notifications and how to make them consistent with local emergency response plans or the organization's standard operating procedures.

About Your Instructor

    Industrial Firefighter/Emergency Responder/ Haz Mat technician with more than 5 years operational experience in an Oil and Gas Facility, has attended regular Haz Mat training drills and exercises and has functioned as an assistant instructor and lead instructor for company and 3rd party training

Course Overview

  • Prerequisites

    Level I - Incipient Industrial Fire Brigade Member

  • Qualification

    Haz Mat Technician L1 - Awareness

  • Duration

    16 Hours

  • Reference

    NFPA 472 & Jones & Bartlett, Hazardous Materials, Managing the Incident 4th Edition

  • Target Group

    New plant operators, full time firefighters, emergency responders, team members, process technologists, environmental staff, logistics staff, warehouse managers and staff, medical responders, Operations Section