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DER Academy
Hazardous Materials & Dangerous Goods
Haz Mat Technician L2

DER International develops and delivers bespoke training packages for individuals and teams from country, and company, crisis management level through to emergency response individuals and teams who deal with all hazards both on and offshore in the industrial, commercial and public sectors.

Course Details

    This course is designed for anyone who responds to dangerous goods releases or potential releases of dangerous goods. Through theory and practical components, participants will learn how to respond to and mitigate dangerous goods releases and potential releases. Topics covered include analyzing the incident, collecting and interpreting hazard and response information, describing the condition of the container, predicting the behavoiur of containers, planning the response, selecting and using PPC, developing appropriate decontamination procedures, and implementing the response. A large part of the course deals with scenarios and hands-on practical application. Students will be expected to use specialized chemical protective clothing and specialized control equipment.

About Your Instructor

    Industrial Firefighter/Emergency Responder/Haz Mat technician with more than 10 years operational experience in an Oil and Gas Facility, has attended regular Haz Mat training drills and exercises and has regularly functioned as a lead instructor for company and 3rd party training

Course Overview

  • Prerequisites

    Haz Mat Technician Level 1 - Operations

  • Qualification

    Haz Mat Technician L2

  • Duration

    24 Hours

  • Reference

    NFPA 472 & Jones & Bartlett, Hazardous Materials, Managing the Incident 4th Edition

  • Target Group

    Full time Hazardous Materials Emergency Responders, Plant operators and emergency responders with special Haz Mat and Dangerous Goods hazards, Responders who turn out to public area emergencies, Operations Section Chiefs